Reviews are in! People love Ja-Lu Aftershaves April 17 2014

We at Ja-Lu are very excited this week as many reviews of our aftershaves have started pouring in. And just as we expected, our customers are absolutely loving our products. 

"My husband ordered the sampler pack. They are all amazing but Nights of Izmir is my absolute favorite. I love smelling it on him. I actually stole the bottle so I can smell it even when he's not around. Highly recommended!" - Duygu A.

"I ordered the sampler pack to discover the scents before committing to a bigger bottle, but now I think the decision will be even harder. All the scents are so good and different, I don't know how I'll ever choose. I highly recommend every single one of them." - Isak N.

What really made us happy though was the praise we received from one of the best Wetshaving Podcasts out there; BrushnSoapnBlade

"The Tabac fragrance is exquisite. It's so good, I was getting whiffs of it for probably about 3 or 4 hours after putting it on. I came home that evening and put on some more so I can experience it again."

"The Nights of Izmir is sensuous. It is without a doubt my absolute favorite. Tabac is your everyday one, but the Nights of Izmir is your Friday/Saturday date night stuff. Fabulous smell, wife likes it a lot."

You can listen to the podcast here. Our review starts after the 29:00 mark but you should listen to the whole thing anyway. It's a must-listen podcast for any wetshave enthusiast. 

That's what people have had to say about Ja-Lu Aftershaves. You can try our Sampler Pack and experience the centuries-old barbershop feel yourself.

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