Aftershave Variety Pack

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The Story:
Ja-Lu Aftershaves are made with centuries-old formulas inherited from the Barbers of the Ottoman Empire. We combined those formulas with fragrance oils that are native to the Aegean Coast to create a truly unique, and long lasting line of aftershaves.  

The Scents:
Limon: A true splash of tingling citrus. Base notes of Lemon and Orange. Lavandin for sweetness. Eucalyptus for an energizing finish.

Nights of Izmir: Woodsy, floral and exotic. Base notes of Aegean Vetiver, and Aegean Cedar. Combined with the aromatic resin oil of a secret tree from the Aegean Seaside.

Tabac: Spicy, Sweet and Masculine. Base notes of premium Tobacco. Sweetened with Rock Rose and spiced up with the oil of a secret Aegean gum resin.  

Veiled Flower: Entrancing, Floral yet Clean. Base notes of Lavender and our veiled Aegean flower. Just a little bit of Citrus to energize it. And combined with the oil of a secret gum resin for an exotic finish.

White Lily: Floral, warm, yet Subtle. Floral base notes of White Lily. Softened by sweet Ylang-Ylang. 

The Pack:
Perfect for trying out all the scents. Can't choose which scent to go with? Just use a different one everyday and pick a favorite. 
Perfect for Travel. Doesn't matter if you are traveling far distances or just to the gym, these 1/2 fl.oz bottles will fit even the smallest bag but they will last you for many glorious shaves. 

  - All Ja-Lu Aftershaves are carefully handcrafted with the finest oils that come from the Aegean Seaside of Western Turkey. 

Alcohol, Water, Fragrance(Parfum)

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